6 Chrome Extensions Every Iinternet Entrepreneur Should Use

When you unintentionally clicked a site, usually, you’d exit right away.  But what if you’re the owner of that site and you have the power to make that unexpected visitor take a look at your pages instead of clicking exit right away, would you want to possess such power?  What if you can make your job easier and spend lesser time on it? Well there are tools you can use.  Let’s try to check.



  1. ColorZilla

Design is one of the factors that can attract website visitors.  Make your designs compelling with the right color combinations.  You have to install this extension.  This makes it easy for you to pick the color of your choice with ease.  Installation is super fast. Use it for your convenience.


  1. Lightshot

This is a helpful screenshot tool because you can specify which part of the screen you’re going to copy unlike some other tools when you will have to screenshot the full page of your screen.  Saving is easy.  You have the option to put annotation before you save, upload or share.  All you need is to click install and you are just ahead of your game.


  1. GooEdit

This is an awesome extension.  This is because you can do quick adjustments on the photos you are about to publish.  When you install this, you’ll find the editing bar at the top of your browser page.  You can then edit the hue, brightness, contrast or saturation of the picture.  There is color adjustment, blurring, cropping, and filtering facility as well.

This is also useful when you need to take a screenshot from your computer.  You can edit the image from there before saving.  Of course it is not Photoshop but for minor editing need, this will do just fine.


  1. Evernote Web Clipper

I like this one.  If you’re an Evernote user the Evernote web clipper extension will enhance your experience.  It will make it easy for you to save simple clips and web pages to specific notebooks.  It has also an annotation and full screenshot options.  This helps in keeping your ideas easily retrievable.


  1. Taco

This extension offers organization.  Tasks from various sources can be readily tracked using this organizational tool.  You are sure not to miss any of the things lined up for the day.  Because you become more organized, you also accomplish lots of things.


  1. Simple Time Track

When it comes to managing your time well, this extension proves to be valuable.  It’s not complicated to use.  All you need to do is click that icon you can find in Chrome after you have installed it.  You can then start adding tasks.  When you clicked play, the timing starts.

Using extensions are beneficial.  Identify the things you want to improve on and surely there is a particular extension that can make your job easy.  When you have the right extensions that work for you, it promises more efficiency.

14 Must Read Blogs for Internet Marketers

Being able to maximize time is among the skills a true businessman should possess.  To keep me on top of my game I know where to look for information that will help me.  Internet data can be tricky and it is only when you know where and how to get and use these can you be effective in your time management as well as business management.

Here are some of the top blogs I make sure I read whenever there are updates.


Analytics Blogs


Occam’s Razor

This is a blog on analytics. What I like about this blog is that it stresses on data-driven decision making.  When you want to be enlightened with digital marketing analytics, this should be the blog you must visit.


Brian Clark is famous for his blog on content creation and content marketing.  If you want to learn about how to engage and compel your followers, give time to visit Copyblogger.

Copy Hackers

In internet marketing, the need to convert is your business.  Here is one site that teaches you how.  You will see great proven and tested formula on how you can achieve it.

Boost Blog Traffic

Learn from John Morrow.  This blog is totally inspiring.  You might also want to check on his e-book entitled Headline Hacks.

The Sales Lion

Marcus Sheridan known as the pool guy is an inspirational speaker whose marketing wisdom is a topnotch level.  He is there to get you into action and get your business going.  His insights on marketing are extremely interesting.

The Copybot

Demian Farnworth is a skilled copywriter.  You must learn from this guy.  He is awesome!


Learn all about digital marketing as well as content creation.  Whatever it is you are looking for about this topics, you’ll surely find it here.


SEO Blogs


When you talk about SEO, Moz would surely be the first thing that comes to mind.  Rand Fishkin has been very successful in making his blog community.  You will find up-to-date information on internet marketing.

Search Engine Watch

This blog has earned respect from many digital marketers.  It has been around for some time consistently offering fresh information on internet marketing.


This is a famous SEO company based in the US.  Their advices are practical and useful.


Online Marketing BlogsContent-marketing-cycle

John Doherty

He is an outstanding blogger, marketer and entrepreneur.  You’ll find useful marketing strategies.  It’s a blog you must sign up for.

Quick Sprout

You must have heard of Neil Pater.  You must visit his blog whether you are running a small business or big business.  The contents are definitely valuable.


The tips you’ll find here are both for beginners and experienced marketers.  Yes, even experienced marketers have to be updated on what’s useful.

Digital Marketer

If you want to learn how you could maximize your return on investment and sell your new products, here is the place you should go.

 This list should be a good way to start your continued learning.

My Morning Routine

They say that the most successful people in the world are those who develop a healthy routine.  I’ve read that somewhere and it stuck with me since then.  Of course it has to be a positive routine if you aim to be successful.  I always dream to bring my business to the next level and I am serious about it. Everyday my actions are geared to that dream.  It’s not greed. I call it being positively ambitious for my family.  You may think I am a cheesy guy.  Well, say whatever you want to say.



My family is dear to me.  Let me share with you how my morning is everyday.


My morning routine is actually simple. It is not even extraordinary.  With a certain dash of uniqueness, everything else is normal. A cup of coffee helps me get my energy going.  I want it strong with cream.  When I have that, I can speed up my day with no fuss.


Checking e-mails. I am an early riser.  I wake up at around 5 am.  I read emails and respond to all of them if possible. I believe in timeliness of response and I think that is one of the many factors my business did not have a long time to take off.  Actions are executed right away because approvals and feedback are given when needed. I do this for about an hour and a half.


Exercise.  When I am done with emails, I see to it I get my body in good shape.  Exercise brings lots of benefits and I’m sure you know that. But for me, it keeps my momentum all the time. It brings me more focus.  Just by walking on my treadmill, I get to sort my thoughts well.


Breakfast.  I am a busy person.  My day is usually full with business meetings.  I need to be energized and a good breakfast puts me into a good mood.

This is my most favorite time of the day because for me it’s family time.  My wife and I together with our kid, make sure that we share breakfast together.  It’s a great way to find that inspiration to get you going for a whole day of work.


News.  I cannot miss watching the early news.  As a businessman it is of primary importance that you’re aware of what is going on around you.  You always have to stay ahead and think ahead.  You look for trends, opportunities and watch out for threats and the best way to know all of these is listening to or reading the News.  You can’t just miss this or your business is bound to fail.  By the way, knowing the news allows you to initiate conversation with business prospects.  It is still a tool!

The rest of the morning is spent in the office, getting updates from my staff and if I have scheduled business meetings, I attend to them.  See, I lead a very normal life!